This is my second post and wont be a very long one. I have recently been given the privilege of getting involved with the 100wc or the 100 word challenge. to quote from their website “Every week young people will get the chance to write a creative piece and share it with others. This is a weekly challenge for children under 16. You will receive a prompt of a picture or a few words then can add 100 words to write a creative piece. It is then published on your class blog and then linked.”

This provides young people across the United Kingdom to create and share their blogs to the world.; with the added benefit of having loads of teachers and people involved with education commenting on them. Imagine as a young child putting all the effort in to write a good piece receiving a comment about their work from the other end of the country. What an encouraging message this would instil within them; to continue producing a high level of work in return for the praise of another. Maybe from a trainee teacher’s point of view this could be seen as something to do with what skinner was talking about all those years ago when he talked about operant conditioning; suggesting that learning can be increased by providing reward or punishments depending on the child’s behaviour. In this case the reward would be receiving a positive comment about the work they had posted online.

In addition I remember hearing about blogging and its benefits in University and one case was that of Heathfield CPS; they created a string of blogs to record what the children did each day and the results are as follows.

In 2009 9% of year 6’s got a level 5 (level 4 is the average)

In 2010 after the blogging began 60% of the year 6’s got level 5

The key point we want to make in education were ICT is concerned is ITS WHAT YOU DO WITH ICT NOT WHAT ICT YOU HAVE ACCESS TO!!!!

I just wanted to use my blog as a medium for expressing how good an idea i believe this is; 100wc is the perfect example of how ICT can be used in the classroom.

Chris Nesbitt


2 thoughts on “100wc

  1. jfb57 says:

    Thank you so much for this endorsement Chris. It is good to see that it is having an effect on bigger folks as well! Many thanks too for your support as one of the commenting team. Let’s hope lots of folks follow your lead. The more comments the children get the better!

  2. 100wc says:

    […] Click here to read the original article on the author’s site where you can also comment. […]

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